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By | December 11, 2018

Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2018 Live Vote Counting | Chhattisgarh MLA Election Vote Counting:- In Chhattisgarh, 90 constituencies of the Assembly elections were held in two phases on November 12 and 20. The Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Live Vote Counting will be on December 11, but before that news channels have done exit poll for the voters’ mood. In the Exit Poll survey, it has been tried to know that the people of Chhattisgarh are going to give a chance to form this government this time. The shocking thing has come out in the Poll of Polls. According to the Poll of Polls, Congress can return here. For Raman Singh, it will not be easy to form the government for the fourth time here.

Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Live Vote Counting

Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2018 Live Vote Counting | | Chhattisgarh MLA Election Vote CountingTimes Now included 3600 people from 30 constituencies in their survey and tried to know their opinion. According to exit polls, the people of Chhattisgarh have once again trusted the BJP and handed over the chief minister’s chair to Raman Singh. Now we have to see Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Polls 2018 Result for this year.Here the BJP can get 42 to 50 seats. She got 49 seats in the 2013 assembly elections. This time the BJP may get a loss of seven seats or one seat. At the same time, the Congress can get 32 ​​to 38 seats this time.He got 39 seats in the last election i.e. the Congress could lose one to seven seats.

In this election, the BJP is seen to get 42.09 percent of the vote share. In the last elections, it got 41.04 percent votes, that is, BJP’s vote share is showing an increase of 1.05 percent. Talking about Congress, he is getting 37.93 percent votes this time. Last time, he got 40.29 percent of the votes. Congress may lose 2.36 per cent votes in Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2018 Live Counting At the same time, the BSP-JCC combine seems to get 8.25 votes.According to exit poll, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Janata Chhattisgarh Congress (JCC) coalition can get six to eight seats. Others may get 01 to 03 seats.

Chhattisgarh Assembly Election Result 2018 Live Counting

Dr. Raman Singh, who has been chief minister for three times in the state, has plagued the BJP for the fourth time. Raman Singh is contesting from his traditional seat Rajnandgaon He is in the electoral fray for the third consecutive time from this seat. In the last two elections, Raman Singh won this seat with more than 30 thousand votes in Chhattisgarh MLA Chunav 2018 Live Vote Counting .In this election 30 candidates are contesting the election. The main fight is between the BJP and the Congress and both parties resort to the door-to-door caChhattisgarhaign. Chief Minister’s son and Chhattisgarh Abhishek Singh held the mandate of campaigning here.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi also organized a roadshow to get an edge in Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Chunav 2018 Results & Live Vote Counting .The special point of this seat is that leaders who work together in the same party are face to face today. In front of Chief Minister Raman Singh, Congress’s Karuna Shukla is the niece of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Unhappy with the ignorance in both the BJP, Karuna took the hand of Congress before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Chunav Polls 2018 Live Vote Counting

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Name of the Election Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Election 2018
Organisation Name Election Commission of India
Location Of Election Chhattisgarh
Election Type Assembly Election 2018
Chhattisgarh Election 2018 Results Live Counting 11 December 2018
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Chhattisgarh MLA Election Result 2018 Voting Updates

Raman Singh is seeking votes in the name of development. He hopes that the public has liked the plans of his government, and this time voters will also present him the keys to power under Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2018 Results & Live Vote Counting. However, this time the JCC and the BSP combine have made the election contest pragmatic and interesting.Marwahi seat has been a hi profile seat of the state which has been holding the Jogi family for years. At present, Ajit Jogi’s son Amit Jogi is the MLA from this seat.

Ajit Jogi himself will contest the elections on this seat. From here Ajit Jogi has two times and his son Amit Jogi has been a legislator once. In the 2013 assembly elections, Amit Jogi won this seat with more than 80 thousand votes.
After the formation of the state in 2003 when the elections were held for the first time, Congress’s Ajit Jogi had defeated BJP’s Nand Kumar Sai. Jogi then won with more than 76 thousand votes. So friends keep visiting us for Chhattisgarh MLA Election Result 2018 Counting Updates on 11 December 2018.

Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Elections 2018 Voting

Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

List of Constituency for Phase- I

Total 18 Legislative Assembly Constituencies

Khairgarh Mohla-Manpur (ST)
Dongagarg (SC) Antagarh (ST)
Rajnand Gaon Bhanupratap pur (ST)
Dongargaon Kanker (ST)
Khujji Keshkal (ST)
Mohla-Manpur (ST) Kondagaon (ST)
Antagarh (ST) Naryanpur (ST)
Bhanupratap pur (ST) Bastar (ST)
Kanker (ST) Jagdalpur
Khairgarh Chitrakot (ST)
Dongagarg (SC) Dantewada
Rajnand Gaon BIjapur (ST)
Dongargaon Konta(ST)
Khujji Mohla-Manpur (ST)

Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

Constituency for Phase- II

Total 72 Legislative Assembly Constituencies

Bharatpur-Sonhat (ST) Premnagar
Manendragarh Bhatgaon
Baikunthpur Pratappur (ST)
Samri (ST) Ramanujganj (ST)
Lundra (ST) Rampur (ST)
Ambikapur Korba
Sitapur (ST) Akaltara
Jashpur (ST) Janjgir-Champa
Kunkuri (ST) Sakti
Pathalgaon (ST) Chandrapur
Lailunga (ST) Baloda Bazar
Raigarh Pamgarh (SC)
Sarangarh (SC) Saraipali (SC)
Kharsia Basna
Dharamjaigarh (ST) Khallari
Katghora Mahasamund
Pali-Tanakhar (ST) Bilaigarh (SC)
Marwahi (ST) Kasdol
Kota Bilha
Lormi Bilaspur
Mungeli (SC) Beltara
Takhatpur Masturi (SC)
Bhatapara Jaijaipur
Dharsiwa Rajim
Raipur Rural Bindranawagarh (ST)
Raipur City West Sihawa (ST)
Raipur City North Dhamtari
Raipur City South Sanjari Balod
Arang (SC) Dondi Lohara (ST)
Abhanpur Gunderdehi
Kurud Patan
Durg-Rural Saja
Durg City Bemetara
Bhilai Nagar Nawagarh (SC)
Vaishali Nagar Pandariya
Ahiwara (SC) Kawardha

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